About Us

Frazier Group LLC is a Maryland corporation licensed in 2001. The firm provides consulting services to federal, state, and local public safety departments, educational institutions, and private sector entities.

The subject matter experts of Frazier Group LLC include police chiefs, homeland security experts, a director of a federal agency, a director of university security, a state police director, contract practitioners in a wide array to technical and specialized subjects, and a management and policy director and trainer. FG’s principal, Thomas Frazier, was the Director of the United States Department of Justice’s Community Oriented Policing Services. He previously served six years as Commissioner of the Baltimore Maryland Police Department with its 3800 employees. Prior to Baltimore, he completed a tour in Vietnam as an Army Military Intelligence officer. Subsequently, he returned to a 28 year career with the San Jose Police Department. During his tenure there he was Chief of each Bureau in the Department, (Patrol, Detectives, Administration, and Technical Services). He also was assigned to Criminal Intelligence, Internal Affairs, Planning and Research, Special Operations (SWAT/K-9/Traffic/Bomb Squad) and as an Adjutant to the City Manager. Mr. Frazier’s 10 year leadership as Executive Director of the Major Cities Chiefs Association insures a clear understanding of the organization and practices of the 70 largest police departments in the United States and Canada.

The other members  of the company have similarly outstanding and successful careers, as reflected in their biographies.

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