Welcome to Frazier Group, LLC.

Frazier Group LLC is a management consulting corporation specializing in evaluation, planning, and technical assistance to federal, state, and local first responder, public safety, and private sector entities. We focus on homeland security, departmental assessment and evaluation, intelligence and fusion, curriculum development training, and business development.

We are unique as we have brought together many of the most renowned practitioners in the public safety world. We possess an exceptionally broad base of experience in large and small agency administration, campus security, intelligence management, and private sector liaison. We appreciate state and local political and budgetary realities, and look forward to helping you craft a customized approach to your individual issues.

Frazier Group has five areas of emphasis. We utilize subject matter experts who are practitioner leaders from America's best law, fire, health, military, and private sector agencies. In our work with your agency, we are unconditionally positive and respectful of departmental cultures, histories, and political and budgetary realities.

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